chillwithout effective water treatment corrosion products and fouling can build up in chiller impairing flow and heat transfer. To ensure that chiller systems is well maintained and can overcome these problems NASCO has a wide range of products for chilled water systems, water cooled compressors and hot water systems.

NA - 31C
(Corrosion inhibitor)

NA - 31C is a bland of corrosion inhibitor that protect metal in the closed chiller water system, Corrosion Inhibitor is a liquid formulation of cationic polymer. This product is particularly Effect in recirculating chilled water system. This Polymeric quaternary, compound retain its effect charge over a white pH range. This product control Scaling, Corrosion, slime and bacteria.

Coolant 32C

COOLANT- NA - 32 C is a liquid cooling system treatment which chemically protects all metal in the Engine cooling systems from corrosion and cavitations erosion and prevents scale and deposition. COOLANT-NA - 32 C contains a balanced film farming inhibitor that product all type of metals in the cooling systems. Liquid containing alcohols and other organic & inorganic anti corrosive agents & anti scaling agents is called coolant and is used to cool engine prevented from corrosion and scaling this is available in the form of concentrate and used with dilution by water.